The Spotlight: MEET Cameron Cottrell Sr.


Cameron Cottrell Sr. is a writer director, actor, model, brand ambassador, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He has been a leukemia cancer survivor for 24 years. Born and raised in Detroit, MI he has been in more than 10 movies, short films and a few plays in Michigan. hH has even done a few modeling runway shows. Cameron is a hard worker and doesn't have a problem giving people opportunities to show case there talent, hating is not in his DNA.

He is a brand ambassador for numerous brands, number one a clothing line called STONE JUNGLE APPAREL, THE COUNCIL CIGARS, MONTE VISTA VODKA, PRIVE REVUX GLASSES, AND LEGENDARY MUSIC VISUAL HEADPHONES. He has 2 new movies out on TUBI now, "STREET CODE BROKEN" and EAR 2 EAR, and a few more coming soon.

He is someone that you have to keep an eye on, very hardworking and talented. As long as this young man stays on his grind, his day to blow up is right around the corner.