By Dave Bishop, Publisher 3RY Magazine


The calamity and horror I’ve bear recent witness too, is something no human being should have to suffer watching, let alone enduring. Being a black man makes this revelation no easier to stomach or digest. The brutality at the hands of law enforcement, has been barbaric and inhuman, in the greatest senses of the words. I am truly and utterly disgusted.

In these times, I am relieved and elated at the revelation of technology, that allows me to show my sons and daughters, without having to drum up the words to express to them what is happening, and why it is happening. It is unfortunately a historical trend, to treat people of African descent with inadequate respect and consideration. We have yet to be fully unburdened by the plights of our ancestors, and even with the surge of it being right in the faces of the public. It Is still a slow process to revolutionary change.


Being not only a man, but a leader, and activist of my community. It is not only my duty and the duty of others like me to safeguard and dispense the knowledge and information that will save the generations to come. It is our job to show them the actual history, to give them the true keys to freedom, by arming them in spirit as well as education. The facts, as well as the armor of God and our ancestors before us, are our children’s chance at not just surviving, but living in America.


I am astounded and encouraged to see such companies as HBO, Amazon, Netflix and a plethora of others taking a stand against systemic and racial injustice. As African Americans have gotten tired of being tired, and the world has been made privy to the unfair treatment of blacks and other minorities in America, we truly see we are not alone. Coming together as a nation under a banner of morality and ethical righteousness, is how we fight this monster of oppression. If we can come together, then we can get it together.

Dave Bishop


Founder/Publisher 3RY MAGAZINE