There's no limit to what can be accomplished, when we set our minds on creating something positive. The necessary steps to make it happen, aren't always clear out the gate. We just know it's possible. That's how 3RY Magazine came into existence. I envisioned a publication that would shine a spotlight on what I consider to be one of the greatest cities in the world; Detroit! I wanted the magazine to be informative, uplifting, classy and aesthetically pleasing. I also wanted the people, businesses and communities who are the heart of this city, to be promoted within it's pages. Mission accomplished!


Anyone who's ever turned a dream into a reality, can attest to the commitment involved. It requires focus, time and sacrifice. Surrounding yourself with people who are on-board with your vision, is equally important. Individuals whose work ethic and energy aligns with your own, can make all the difference. I just described my team! 3RY's success, is not a singular effort. I'm blessed to have some exceptionally talented people in my corner. Their desire to see this magazine thrive, directly coincides with mine.


In observance of our two-year anniversary for 3RY (3 Reasons Why), I'm taking a moment to reflect on the process and the gratitude I feel for the outcome. During the onset, as with any significant goal, there were challenges. Due to my faith, obstacles have never been a deterrent for me. I hone in on the options for success, and keep it movin'. I'm grateful for everyone who works with me to consistently make it happen. I want to say THANK YOU to the staff, the readers, the prayer warriors- who've kept us lifted and the individuals who've graced the cover. Your faces, accomplishments and stories serve to inspire us all.

Each month brings new and intriguing content, and this is only the beginning! I'm proud of what we've produced thus far. I'm also confident we'll continue to provide a stellar publication. We don't ever plan to rest on our laurels. Detroit remains our muse. The love we feel for our city, will always be reflected on the pages of 3RY. So again, thank you all, and Happy Anniversary!


As we gear up towards year three, allow me to leave you with a quote by Booker T. Washington: "Success is to be measured not so much by the position one has reached in life, as by the obstacles he has overcome while trying to succeed."

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Dave Bishop, President | 3RY Magazine

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