Latrice Delgado-Macon From Beauty To BEAST Mode

By Roxanne Ashley of 3RY Magazine

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With a client list ranging from Gucci and Bet.com to MGM Grand Casino. Fashion Guru and Executive Latrice Delgado-Macon is pioneering the fashion industry and taking the term Serial Entrepreneur to an entirely new plateau.

The Owner and Founder of “Detroit Fashion Community”, CEO of “The Styling Closet”, and On-Air Personality of the groundbreaking “Fashion Talk Live” Latrice is not only bringing vitality, spirit and decorum to her hometown of Detroit, MI, but widely influencing the confidence and skill it takes to present accordingly, and professionally, while at the same time remaining chic and fashion forward.

Photo Credit: Carl Williams / Imv_photos

Taking her love of fashion and intense urge to spread information, knowledge, and education of her craft, she has become not only an active philanthropist, but has called to action many of her peers with her inspiring tenacity and drive. Taking the Corporate world by storm with her attention to detail, intimate and hospitable approach, she has truly gained the respect and noteworthy acknowledgement she deserves and we are sure, she is just getting started!

Photo Credit: Carl Williams / Imv_photos

The amount of true talent and determination it takes to be a “Boss Woman In Business”, while still making time to be an amazing mother, wife, and friend, is truly a feat, but Latrice makes it look easy and flawless as she climbs her way through the rungs of Corporate America, while being a viable asset to her community and bringing constant motion to the fashion market, and guiding its consumers to their best fashion self.


“The Styling Closet” specializes in a myriad of services that will take the stress out of your wardrobe. Women and men alike will take comfort in knowing that the team at The Styling Closet is highly experienced, and well trained to accompany their clients on a not only fun but fulfilling experience as some services

Include donating, clearing out inventory taking up space and a detailed walk through of what would be best for you to keep. Surrounded by a supportive and motivated staff, Latrice has created an upscale entity that will assuredly satisfy all your styling needs. Keep in mind that you’ll be in the best company as Mrs. Delgado-Macon has worked with the likes of Fox News, Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, Gucci, Arden B, and Banana Republic to name just a few of her clients.


Mrs. Delgado keeps the community informed and abreast of everything fashion locally and abroad through “Detroit Fashion Community” Keeping us updated and on top of not only the fashion world, but the music that accompanies it as well! When you mix in “Fashion Talk Live” you’ll have no excuse not to be aware of all the amazing Designers, Events, and Hot Topics going on in fashion.

It is seemingly nothing that Latrice Delgado-Macon can’t accomplish once she puts her mind to it, and she has proven it with her longevity and constant ascension. She is an embodiment of passion, followed up with a can do attitude and inspirational momentum. Proving that you can have time for family, career, education as well as giving back to your community when you plant and nourish the seeds of success.

3RY had the pleasure of interviewing Mrs. Delgado-Macon to ask this dynamic woman a few questions about her Brands and endeavors:

Q: Firstly congratulations on all your success and hard work. We are really proud of you here in Michigan! What would you say you love most about your hometown?

A: Thank you so much! I'm so honored to be apart of my hometown. I love my city!! Detroit gives me so much love and the support is amazing. What I love most is the people, arts, culture, music, and love!!

Q: How old were you when you knew you loved fashion, and who are some of your fashion icons and influences?

A: I knew I wanted to be in fashion from the age of 6 years old. My grandmothers both were heavy into fashion from designing, modeling, scathing, making patterns, and showing me the behind the scenes on putting amazing looks together. The people who inspire me today are June Ambrose, Dapper Dan, Virgil Abloh, Rihanna, Rachel Roy, just to name a few.

Q: Could you explain what a Stylist does for us, and how you help make your clients lives easier?

A: F​ashion stylists work for individuals, fashion houses and clothing brands. Their main responsibilities include providing fashion advice, choosing and coordinating outfits for models in photoshoots or actors in television and film, choosing props, accessories and preparing them for shoots. We create the whole look from themes to colors and locations. I make my clients feel special. Just come clean, on time and I will handle the rest.

Q: We think it’s amazing how you’ve taken Fashion, Media, and Philanthropy and tied them together in such a way where they complement one another so greatly. How does Fashion meld with Music in your opinion, and what can we expect from your platforms in the future?

A: Fashion and Music goes hand to hand! I work with a lot of record labels and artist development is also creating a look for the next big star. I started a podcast called “Fashion Talk Live” that airs on Mondays through Fridays at 10pm. I interview Celebrities, fashion icons, actors, and etc. So, you are going to see a lot of new content and a few big announcements coming!


Q: How do you balance being a Wife, Mom, and all around Go Getter?

A: It's definitely a struggle sometimes. I balanced my day to day by having a schedule and of course me time. My daughter's schedule is busier than mine. (lol) This pandemic definitely made me a better wife, mom, and focused! I’m a go-getter because I'm not just doing it for me.

Q: As being a woman, moreover a woman of color. What are some struggles or adversities you’ve had to overcome in the Fashion Industry if any?

A: Being a woman of color in the fashion industry has its challenges. We are the last people in the industry that they will call for work. We are overlooked! Especially in Michigan. There are many agencies here but for some reason they, don't call us. We have to work extra hard to be seen for the big corporate establishments to even want to hire minorities.

Q: For our readers who are aspiring Fashion Gurus , Entrepreneurs, and philanthropists, what words of wisdom or advice would you give them to encourage them to stay on track?

A: Stay focused, Get educated, work with a mentor, don’t be afraid to ask for help, Join Detroit Fashion Community for your resources and internships.

Q: Now this is the question. I’m sure we all want to know, what is in season right now?!

A: Autumn/winter 2020 show season will be one to remember for many reasons, partly because of the sudden outbreak of coronavirus. This aside though, sustainability was undeniably in the air, as was a desire to support inclusivity – and there was also a movement away from anything too novelty, with many brands gearing towards a​ more seasonless approach to dressing​.

Even so, there were still some standout trends that might find their way into your wardrobe come next autumn. From designers showing head-to-toe black to others finding a place for bold, angry red in their collections, face masks, elbow-length gloves cropping up absolutely everywhere and the designer wellie making an appearance, they were 10 of the biggest standout trends from the autumn/winter 2020 shows.


There we have it, expert advice, words of wisdom, and a broader idea of who Mrs. Latrice Delgado-Macon is. Make sure you take the time to head over to TheStylingCloset.com and check out the latest blogs, articles and tips, tune into “Fashion Talk Live” Podcast Monday-Friday’s at 10pm, and join the Detroit Fashion Community on all major social media platforms. We here at 3RY Magazine appreciate Latrice for taking the time out to let us get to know her better, and share her insights with our readers.

Roxanne Ashley


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