Hustle & Flow By Connie Bobo, Volume 1

How to Never Work a Second Job Again

By Connie Bobo, Associate Editor

Volume 1


Does your full time job meet all of your financial obligations or do you find yourself wishing you had more money?

Are you making partial payments on bills to leave enough money for food and gas? Or worse, are you supplementing your income with credit cards and payday loans?

Before you start looking for a part time job or renew that payday loan, let me tell you why that’s a bad idea and give you a better option.

Working a full time job is consuming enough. A typical work schedule may be 8:30am until 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Considering drive time and preparation, a full time job can easily consume 11-12 hours of your day. Adding 8 hours of rest, that’s 19-20 hours. There’s only 24 hours in a day. Do you really want to spend the remaining 4 hours several days per week at another job? Or work 7 days per week? This sounds quite exhausting. Who could enjoy life under these circumstances?

If you could make the extra money you wanted without finding a second job, would you do it? Of course you would! Who ever said, “No, I have enough money?” No one I know. So here’s the deal. Instead of traveling 30 minutes to punch a second time clock just to bring home an extra $300 every two weeks, why not start a side hustle?

Be your own boss.
Set your hours.
Work when you want.
And best of all, determine your own pay!


Start by doing an inventory of your skills and abilities. Everyone has at least three skills that can generate income. Do you enjoy reading? Proofread and/or edit books for new authors. Do you love cooking? Start a catering business or operate a bakery. Do you find yourself discussing television shows or debating topics? Start a meetup group or paid Facebook Group. Any skill you possess can be monetized. And if you honestly don’t believe you possess a skill, you can learn one. YouTube has thousands of how-to videos. You can learn to make candles, soaps, crafts, or learn how to do make up. Fellas, if you think these things are too girly, YouTube videos can teach you how to cut grass, paint houses, lay floors, and more. Start a moving company or a cleaning company.

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Connie is 3RY Magazine's Associate Editor


Connie Bobo