How much are you still being influenced by influencers?

By Saeah Weldon via Cosmopolitan

2020 (and, TBH, 2021) came for them and their mess. But you still can’t quit their content. Behold.

My screen-time report haunts my dreams.

31% of you do a background check (aka a google) before smashing Follow.

Who do you consider to be an influencer?
42% People who are verified, profit off their posts, and have more than 25K followers.
30% Those who make #ad money from their content.
14% Someone with at least 25K followers.
14% Anyone with a blue check mark.

When’s the last time you followed a new-to-you influencer?
65% Within the past couple of months.
19% Pre-COVID-19.
9% Today.
7% I don’t follow any influencers.

Have you ever bought something bc an influencer promo’d it?
45% Yes, obviously.
55% Uh, nope.

When’s the last time you unfollowed an influencer?
66% Within the past couple of months.
19% Today.
9% Pre-COVID-19.
6% I don’t follow any influencers.

What made you hit that Unfollow? [Check all that apply.]
57% Their content got boring.
47% They made me feel bad about myself.
44% Their vacays and partying during COVID-19.
36% They didn’t speak up about current events.
29% They sold diet products.
11% They posted about politics.

Do you think influencers are over?
39% Eh, I want them to be.
34% Never.
27% Yep, absolutely.