By Dave Bishop, Publisher | 3RY Magazine


This year marks the one year anniversary of 3RY Magazine. Webster defines an anniversary as "a date remembered or celebrated". I'm doing both today. As the publisher, I'm acknowledging/remembering the vision behind 3RY Magazine, while celebrating the outcome of that vision.

In a time of uncertainty and much like a diamond in the rough, 3RY Magazine was envisioned and created amidst dire circumstances. During a global pandemic known as COVID-19, this publication emerged. I'm an avid believer, that we all have choices. We can either choose to focus our energy on the negatives/the challenges life presents to us, or we can opt to press forward & recognize the many positives. I went with the latter. It’s the reason 3RY came to fruition. I’m blessed to be supported and surrounded by a talented team, who (like myself) believe in excellence and making things happen.


Every issue of 3RY, which is an acronym for Three Reasons Why; includes inspiring people with equally inspiring stories. On our website, if you click on the "About Us" section you'll see we're a magazine “that connects our readers to technology advancements, fashion trends, business updates, and the latest news in health and wellness. We bring noteworthy information to the fingertips of Millennials, equipping them with the knowledge and power to live their very best lives”. Isn’t that the point? …Staying tapped in, learning, evolving, sharing and remaining connected.

In each issue, we make it our business to share various topics. We ask ourselves what would our respective friends, family and communities find helpful or intriguing? What would matter to them? What might uplift or inspire them? Long story, short… What do they want to see and read on the pages of 3RY Magazine? As a result of answering these questions, we’re able to spotlight many innovative ideas and people. Some of them are undiscovered gems, while others are seasoned & renowned people, events or stories.

Finally, we never rest on our laurels. Regardless of the wonderful feedback and complements from readers, we continue to challenge ourselves to consistently provide stellar publications. Issues that don’t become coffee table accessories or online articles you swipe past. We’re a source for information, and an enjoyable form of literary entertainment.

Is this magazine an effortless undertaking? No, but I was alway taught “anything worth having, is worth working for”. It’s the reason I, along with my team, always operate in that mindset. We continue to contemplate, create and present great content for our readers. We do what we do, out of a commitment and love for people. It’s why we push forward despite the obstacle of a national virus. We’re inspired by our subjects, readers, sponsors and desire to continue making a difference. We’ll never be comfortable with complacency. That’s too easy, and honestly it’s the opposite of who we happen to be.


If you want to know how you can help us continue producing and providing 3RY Magazine, its simple: become a sponsor, share editions or subscriptions, write a positive review, tell your friends about us and oh yeahpray for us. That always helps!

Dave Bishop CEO | Publisher
“We Tell A Different Story”

Dave Bishop

Founder/Publisher 3RY MAGAZINE