Detroit’s Hidden Gem “Blue Finn Bar & Grill"

By Roxanne Ashley | 3RY Magazine

Are you looking for a classy venue in an upbeat and safe environment? That offers great food, awesome vibes, and 5-star entertainment? Then look no farther than the Blue Finn Bar & Grill and their partner Club Echelon! Blue Finn takes care of all of your fine dining needs at an affordable rate, and Club Echelon dominates the night life with premium bottle service, some of Michigan’s hottest DJs, and nationally known Artist. Collaborating with big brands like WJLB and Iheart radio and giving the Metro Detroit Area access to the best nightlife option!

I had the pleasure of stopping in during the “99’s and 2000’s Party” with special guest Trillville! Makers of hit tracks “Some Cut” and the club favorite “Neva Eva”. Watching the present owner Mike Wietecha interact with the patrons and have his boots on the ground with his staff in highly efficient functionality. I almost felt bad stealing him away from the festivities to ask him a few questions about being the owner of such an exclusive venue and what it takes to run establishments like The Blue Finn and Club Echelon.

I see you are a very busy guy, thank you for taking this time to sit down with 3RYMagazine to tell us a little more about The Blue Finn & Club Echelon. Tell me how this gem came to be in your possession, and how long have you been in business?
Well, it was after I’d been in Real Estate for a while. The building was on the market about five years ago. It was a smart move and the right time so here we are. I envisioned an upscale Bar & Grille. Something fun like Floods in Downtown Detroit, a great place to sit down with your family, colleagues etc., during normal business hours and have a nice meal with a great ambiance. Then later on in the evening, having a club atmosphere that’s stylish with a great aesthetic, good music, in a safe space.


Having a venue like this, we are sure there are moments here that have had to stand out for you? You’ve had people like National Detroit bred artist “SadaBaby” and your guests this evening “Trillville” Give us one of your favorite Artist who’s performed here.
Hmmmm, there are honestly lots of course, but I would say when we had R&B Artist Carl Thomas perform. That was an amazing night!

As a young businessman, who hasn’t even made it passed 35 yet, who would you say helped inspire that business and work ethic I’ve watched you exhibit?
Definitely Mom & Dad. We are a pretty close family. I look up to both my parents in so many ways. They are for sure the reason I understand hard work, I will always love and appreciate them for the values they instilled.

It’s always important for me to leave the people with something they can take with them, what’s some advice you have for aspiring Bar or Restaurant owners, or business minded individuals overall?
It is so important to do your research. To make sure the numbers make sense, and the timing is right financially. And leave wiggle room! For instance, owning a building comes with maintenance expenses, and of course just natural occurrences. Imagine a club’s power going out on what’s supposed to be a packed Saturday night?! I’ve been there and the best way I’ve gotten through it is leave room for deviation and expect for it to be hard work. It’s going to take determination and good work ethic to run any successful business.

We appreciate Mike for taking the time and sitting down with us to talk about these great places that have been available for all of us to enjoy! While enjoying my evening at the bar, courtesy of the amazing staff. I stopped a couple of them as they brightly serviced patrons and asked, “What’s your favorite part about working at The Blue Finn/ Club Echelon?” Ryan, clearly a part of the managerial staff gave me a wink and said “The tips are supreme” and zoomed off to service another guest and Adam, who was proud to tell me that his expertise in bartending stems from a long line of bartenders stated “I love the music, the people are awesome, and the pay is great!”


I was also given the awesome opportunity to hop on stage and meet the guest of honor that evening “Trillville” I asked “How is your stay in Detroit treating you? How do you like Echelon” I was thrilled to have Dirty Mouth, a third of Trillville speak up “Oh we are having a great time, we love Detroit! We have family and friends here, and the Club is dope!

There you have it people! The Blue Finn and Club Echelon get the job done and leave people with great memories and the want to come back again and again! Both of these amazing venues can be booked together or separately for a multitude of events, Wedding Receptions, Concerts, Showcases, Movie Shoots, Video Shoots, Birthday Parties, Awards Ceremonies, and so much more! We thank Mike and the Staff for being awesome, we appreciate Trillville for letting us bend their ear, and we hope that you all go and experience what all the fuss is about and per my personal experience, you won’t be disappointed!


Go over to www.bluefinngrillandbar.com/club-echelon to check out what’s new and to get the latest information on upcoming events, and how you can book your own special occasion, also don’t forget to follow on them on Facebook and Instagram @ClubEchelon and @Bluefinn, call 586-755-9110 for all event and booking inquiries!

Thanks. Blue Finn/ Echelon, for a night this journalist will always remember!

Roxanne Ashley


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