Bartenders Are Revealing The 15 Most Annoying Things A Guest Can Do At The Bar

By Hannah Dobrogosz via Buzzfeed


Have you ever wondered whether or not you've done something that makes bartenders want to scream? Reddit user u/Rabidrabitz posed the question, "Bartenders of Reddit, what is something that we do at bars that pisses you off?" Here are the enlightening responses:

1. "Don't eat out of the fucking fruit tray. That fruit is meant for drinks, not for your grubby fingers." —u/RaoulZDuke

2. "We have a certain type of clientele who always send their drinks back for not being strong enough. Stop. This just means you get the tiniest drop of alcohol right in the straw."—u/jtemperance

3. "Stop ripping up coasters and labels. And, please don't throw the shreds on the floor or squish them in the gap of something."—u/showmebevelle

4. "Never, ever, EVER brag to the bartender about how much you've had tonight."—u/richcm007

5. "I hate when I'm in the middle of making shots and pouring multiple drinks and someone goes, 'Heyyy, do you have a charger back there? Can you plug my phone in, please? Hurry, it's going to die!'"—u/cinderellaponygirl

6. "Stop saying, 'Give me something that's strong, cheap, and tastes good.'"—u/minifridge072

7. "I hate when glasses come back full of napkins, empty crisp packets, soggy coasters, or suspicious mushy solids. Having to cram my hand inside and grope around for it among the dregs of your beer is not pleasant. It has to come out before going in the dishwasher, so please just leave it on the table, or find a bin. Don't use the glass for your trash."—u/Beef_souls

8. "Don't hide a spill and/or broken glass. It happens. It's better that you tell me so I can clean it up. If you're really sorry and it's slow, I might pour you another."—u/hpliferaft

9. "'I don't know what I want. Make me something good. You decide.' These are the things that I dread hearing."—u/CobraCornelius

10. "Stop snapping to get my attention, or yelling at me. I promise I see you and know you're there, but I have my own mental order of who is first. Sometimes that mental order is according to how much you've been tipping me. That's why tips get you faster service — it's just how things work."—u/Barnowl79

11. "You order one drink. When I return with it, you order another drink. When I return, you order another one. Yeah, stop doing that."—u/Bangkok_Dave

12. "The worst thing people can do is vaguely try to describe a drink they want, with no knowledge of what the ingredients are, and get upset when we don't know it/can't make it."—u/lqhsdarkstar99

13. "Don't ask if you can leave your purse/drink/jacket/backpack behind the bar. No, we're not a coat check."—u/hpliferaft

14. "Don't throw up in the sink. There's a toilet right next to it." —u/ToxicKrusader

15. Finally: "Don't order a Guinness last in a large order."—u/rokevoney