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The 1st Annual Polo & Pretty Women Charity Classic is upon us! Fashion, Music, and Polo collide most elegantly as the city’s elite make their way to summer’s official kickoff. Dave Bishop & Telia Woods are the minds behind this philanthropic extravaganza, giving birth to more engaging ways to give back while creating unforgettable experiences. This year’s Polo & Pretty Women will encompass a walk fashion show with a 200 ft runway featuring 50 independent models from all over America. The models will be in supply via Indie Fashions Daishawn Franklin. He will also be the opposing Polo team as they go up against Class Clown Apparel for charity and, of course, bragging rights.

Often in metropolitan cities, there are basketball matches, softball, and sometimes even football tournaments. How rare is it for Detroit to be introduced to the rich history of Polo in such an organic way? In southern states, Polo is more prevalent in African American towns and schools. The HBCU Morehouse recently made history as the first historically black college with a Polo team. The century-old sport originated in Asia and had been utilized for military training for the King’s guard. Four seven-minute quarters known as chukkas wind down as four players on each team score as many points as possible before the match ends. What makes Polo interesting is that it’s all done on horseback!


3 Reasons Why had the opportunity to talk with Dave Bishop, who is also 3RY’s Editor and Chief, to find out more on the inspiration behind Polo & Pretty Women.

Hi sir! You get to sit in the hot seat this time and give some insight. I for sure know how busy you are, so let’s get straight to it! What gave the idea for this event?
The movie “Pretty Woman” has always been one of my favorite movies. The scene with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere always put the theme in my mind.

How did you come together with Telia Woods and Indie Fashions Daishawn Franklin on the project?
We were on the phone, and she spoke about how she had a similar idea for her birthday party. You know what happens when great ideas and serious people come together, and here we are. Daishawn Franklyn and his entity, Indie Fashion, are front runners, and I always aim to work with the best. I brought it up to him in conversation, and the rest is history.


Considering we don’t often see these events available to inner-city residents, what made Polo the choice sport to highlight?
It was long overdue. This sport dates back to the 6th century BC. African American people dominates in almost every sport. From Serena in tennis to Tiger in golf and Gabby in gymnastics. Polo should be no different. I want to introduce opportunities that empower and encourage, that think outside the box.

You head many great endeavors. The Detroit Choices Awards, Daves Choice Community Organization, Polo & Pretty Women, Class Clown Apparel. What is the motivation and drive behind these brands?
One purpose, help people. If it doesn’t uplift, empower or, aid, then I don’t want to do it. If I do something and it didn’t help someone, I need to go back to the drawing board. It has to give back to the community. For instance, this Father’s Day, we will bail out 20 Dads so that they can be with their families. It has to mean something and introduce the community to better. To more.


Overall, what would you say the goal of Polo & Pretty Women is?
The same as everything else, making the skeptics into believers.

While Mr. Bishop is coming up with master plans to be a continuous pillar in the community. Daishawn Franklyn is simultaneously taking the fashion world by storm and gearing up for this year’s Polo & Pretty Women. He brings Indie Fashion to the runway and field! We had a chance to catch up with him to get his take on this year’s event and find out more on his national brand Indie Fashion.


Daishawn, thank you for taking the time out to lend us a few moments of your time. Tell me about Indie Fashion and how it came to be what it is today.
Indie Fashion started with my business partner Mercedes Hillard and myself. We combined her modeling experience and my 14 years in the promotion/production industry. We have a showroom in Southfield where we only showcase premier independent designers. We work with all things independently fashioned. We also operate as a company, producing fashion events all over the United States, as I have the pleasure of being one of the creators of the acclaimed “Walk Fashion” movement.


Wow! That’s awesome! What made you come on board with Polo & Pretty Women? What was the lure?
It’s another option; it’s different. I was being interviewed in highland park recently, and the gentlemen told me how excited he was because he had never been to a polo match. He was genuinely revved up! That’s why. I know it’s something people will appreciate.


What would you like the people to know about this event from your perspective?
That this is an eye-opener. It’s something we’ve never seen in our area, and it’s an excellent opportunity to get out of the house after being cooped up due to Covid. It’s outside for social distancing purposes, plus you’ll get to give to a great cause. It’s up to you, but I don’t think anyone should miss this. Indie fashion is also on tour, so if you do miss us this time around, be sure to stop into our showroom located at 28681 Northwestern HW, and also follow us on our Facebook and Instagram page @IndieFashion.


Gaining insight from these two men who see a need for uniqueness in Detroit. It gives me even more vigor for Polo & Pretty Women—steeped in history, while at the same time forging a new path. Hosted by well-known socialite Ant Frank, with music from the infamous DJ Gurt and the gorgeous, incomparable vocals of Mrs. Nina Simone Neal. Not to mention the 50 model fashion show, acknowledging six independently successful designers. The focal point Polo Match and still the Lawn Party! All at the beautiful Detroit Polo Club in Howell, Michigan. Lastly, but assuredly not least, the Pretty Women, in their Derby style attire, will be the best decorations money could never buy!

Polo & Pretty Women Charity Classic is Saturday, June 5th, at the Detroit Polo Club in Howell, Michigan. Tickets are still available, as well as shuttle bus tickets at www.PoloandPrettyWomen.com.


3RY Magazine would like to thank Polo & Pretty Women for this exceptional opportunity to shine in the most illuminating ways. we hope to see you there, with your derby best on and ready to witness the innovation

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