Alone but Not Alone

By Dr. Eddie Connor | 3RY Magazine Contributor


I heard someone say “It’s better to be alone, than to be in the company of people who make you feel alone.” Just because you’re alone, doesn’t mean you’re lonely. It’s further applied when you can enjoy your own company. If you can’t stand to be alone with you, then why would anyone else want to be alone with you? Your excitement should begin within, not from them.

You can’t expect anybody to love you, if you don’t love you. They can’t make you happy, if you’re not happy with yourself. You will still feel alone with them, if you don’t know who you are apart from them. Even the word “alone” has a suffix which is “one.” You should strive to become one with God in a greater way. This is why they say, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” The break up, abuse, neglect, mistakes, trials, and times of defeat were only parts of your life. It’s not the total sum of your life.


Due to the feelings of incompleteness within us, we search for people and things to make us feel whole when we are just trying to fill a hole. We act out of emotion. We engage in emotional eating, emotional spending, and even step into relationships out of our emotions. Realize that uncontrolled emotions can wreck your life.

The love we are in search of becomes a mirage that holds us back. You will never benefit from the source, if all you do is go after resources. The love from God’s heart is more important than the luxuries that flow from His hand. He is the only source that can fill and fulfill what is missing, damaged, and broken in your life. Sex won’t fill it. Smoking, alcohol, social media likes, and popping pills won’t do it. Buying shoes, clothes, and cars can’t satisfy it. Purchasing a house with your spouse won’t sustain it. Suicide won’t solve it.

No amount of money, fame, or notoriety will ever fill what is only intended for God to fulfill. He can heal the hole in your heart, making you whole to give you a brand new start. When you walk in healing and wholeness, you will attract people who live in their greatness not brokenness.


Dr. Eddie is a 12x best-selling author, international speaker, and cancer survivor. Connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @EddieConnorJr. Join his Academy at