All cheaters have this in common...they always get caught. Here's how

By Janet Swinford via

Do you think you are being cheated on? Curious to know what your lover is up to online? In 2019, all it takes for you to be cheated on is a name and a profile picture. With endless hook up apps to choose from like Tinder, its only natural to think your partner is keeping secrets from you about their online life.

Sadly, recent studies prove your fears of infedelity are likely a reality.

It has become so easy to cheat that up to 60% of all married people in America cheat on their spouse. These numbers are far greater if you are only dating that person. This shocking study points to one harsh reality we all face today: you are far more likely to be cheated on than be in a faithful relationship.

Since smartphones have made it easier than ever to cheat, how do you bust a cheater?

Sure, you can ask your significant other if they have been sneaking around behind your back. But, that talk is literally the most awkward conversation you can ever have. Plus, what is stopping them from just lying to you?

Fortunately, this new online search engine exposes what your signficant other is really up to online. If you think you are being cheated on or lied to, you should search your significant other on this site. It may save your relationship, or confirm your darkest fear.

Here's How it works

Peoplewhiz is a powerful tool that gives you exclusive access to billions of public records and online profiles of nearly everyone in the United States. Just enter a name, and their search engine will instantly run an extensive search across government and online databases revealing: criminal records, social media profiles, online dating profiles, contact information, and much more.

The best part? You can compile the results into a personal background report that you can access anytime you want. So you can bust your significant other with the hard evidence when you are truly ready to confront them.

Cheaters assume that just because their secret dating profiles and past lies don't show up on Facebook or Google that they will not get caught. Thanks to peoplewhiz, this is no longer the case. This site can instantly search the thousands of social media sites & online dating services and reveal to you every online account they have ever made.

It would be nearly impossible to find the details of this report on your own. In fact, it would take you weeks of tireless searching to compile less than half of what a peoplewhiz report will reveal.

Make sure all cheaters have this one thing in common: they never get away with it.

There's more...

Uncovering hidden social media accounts and online dating profiles is just the tip of the iceberg. Peoplewhiz also conducts a thorough background check, revealing arrest records, mugshots, and even embarressing photos taken years ago! Anything your significant other has ever done online or in person– peoplewhiz will uncover it.

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