ALL ABOUT HISTORY: 100 Events That Changed The World

via All About History

Illustration by Joe Cummings

Discover the moments that impacted the course of history forever

When All About History launched in 2013 we set out our stall with a list of 50 moments that changed the world. It was our statement of principles as much as anything else, letting you know who we were going to be. Over seven years later, to mark our 100th issue we wanted to revisit this concept and make a new statement. In this list you’ll likely find some entries you expected and hopefully some you didn’t but will appreciate, and there’s likely plenty that you thought would appear but do not. Alas, even with 100 slots to fill there isn’t enough room to include every event that’s worthy of discussion. So we humbly present our selections and invite you to extend it with more of you own. Let us know about them!

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