A Dose of Dr. Karla Not everyone vaccinates

By Dr. Karla Mitchell - ND of 3RY Magazine


Not everyone vaccinates
In recent months, I’ve received more questions than ever about whether a vaccine is safe and whether I vaccinate my family in any way. I am happy to respond by offering that there absolutely is a safer way to acquire immunity against illnesses without the various risks associated with vaccination. I practice HP, which a form of homeopathy. The history of HP spans over 200 years; it began in German and was founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. In my family, HP has been used consistently for all of my children with great success. Below I offer more than my personal testament to this natural practice:

How it works
HP is a natural way to build your immune system or help it get stronger so that the germs and viruses you may be exposed to are handled harmoniously by your body’s natural defenses. HP is way of homeopathically introducing your system to the frequency of a disease. A homeopathic support is formulated by a practitioner that helps your body “meet the disease” without getting sick from it. Unlike traditional vaccination, these formulas are succussed or diluted to the point where we are only meeting the energy of the virus. Imagine a blind date: where you receive a text or direct message with a photo and bio of someone you plan to meet in person. The picture and the bio give you just enough information so that when you meet them in person, you know who they are already so you are not afraid. The action of HP is to “train” the immune system to the energetic components of a given disease in order to stimulate the immune system to boost immunity.

Clinical Effectiveness
Modern research shows HP to have a 90% effectiveness rating in clinical studies. In a May, 2019 study on Large Scale HP, the results of brief and long-term Interventions were consistent across when applied against Japanese Encephalitis in India and Dengue Fever in Brazil. In this study, HP was cited as potentially valuable, especially in situations where vaccination is not possible, there exists no vaccine or when an existing vaccine is limited in quantity. AJHM 112-1 Spring 2019 p. 35

The practice of HP is a natural way to help build your immune system. It has been used with high effectiveness to boost natural immunity to infectious diseases; as well as been used is past disease epidemics. There is documented evidence that HP helped to successfully managed infectious diseases such as Scarlatina, Typhus, Asiatic Cholera, Scarlet Fever, Small Pox, Diptheria, Pertussis (Whooping Cough) and a host of others.

What about school immunization requirements?
Michigan rule allows parents/guardians to have the opportunity to speak with a health educator from their local health department about their concerns and questions regarding immunizations prior to the nonmedical waiver being signed. Any parent/guardian who wants to claim a nonmedical waiver will need to receive education regarding the benefits of vaccination and the risks of disease from a county health department before obtaining the certified nonmedical waiver form through the Local Health Department. The new rule requires the use of the State of Michigan nonmedical waiver form dated January 1, 2019. (Visit https://www.michigan.gov for more information)

This may change as the vaccine development and immunization requirements for COVID-19 continue to evolve.

Dr. Karla Mitchell - ND

Clinical Traditional Naturopath
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