7 Pandemic-Friendly Small Business Ideas to Consider In 2021

By Riham Darwish via


There is no doubt that the COVID19 pandemic has taken its toll on businesses around the world. It has sadly crushed many promising projects that were just starting at the time the deadly virus broke in China in December 2019. Yet, it is never a good idea to dismiss a good business opportunity, even during a pandemic.

While it is wise to examine the prospects of every business opportunity before investing time and money in it, it is important that we venture on projects that can not only survive during hard times but also thrive, given the right means and attitude.

One way to do this is by choosing the right kind of projects for every crisis. Nowadays, as the world continues to tackle the COVID19 outbreak for the second year, experts are weighing in the best small business ideas investors and entrepreneurs can achieve success in.

Below, we will explore 7 small business ideas that have been regarded as "pandemic-friendly":

1. Cleaning services and products
Given the spike in demand for cleaning detergents that can potentially kill viruses including COVID19, in addition to the routine need for disinfecting public and shared spaces as to stop the spread of the virus, starting a new cleaning service or launching a new line of products can be quite the success these days.

2. Shipping services
Thanks to lockdowns, curfews, and social distancing rules, more and more businesses are in need of regulated shipping services through which they can run their daily sales, delivering items to online consumers across countries or regions.

Starting a new shipping service that can serve as a linking point between businesses on one end and customers on the other can be rewarding at the time being.

3. Digital Marketing agency
Influenced by the continuous growth of online businesses due to the coronavirus, there is an equally growing need for professionals who can help various brands grow their online presence and attract more consumers, and consequently achieving better profit.

4. Virtual tutoring academy
Just like every other sector, the educational field has witnessed a sudden switch to online platforms that have been trying to make up for the absence of traditional school campuses.

Regardless of the educational level, a good small business idea can launch a new digital academy, through which students can enroll in classes that can better train them for different skills.

5. Online health or mental health consultations
Due to the increasing pressure on health facilities that have been admitting patients of COVID19 over the last year, less urgent health conditions have been greatly ignored, including mental health issues.

A digital health consultation platform can help bridge this gap, offering help to millions of patients who have been postponing their doctors' visits until after they feel safe enough to visit hospitals.

6. Comfy-fashion design house
Since millions of people are still spending the majority of their time at their homes, there has been a growing trend focused on comfy PJ-like clothes, ones that can be worn either at home during day hours, or during daily walks people take around their neighborhoods before curfew hours. Starting new fashion lines for clothes that are specially designed for this purpose can be a great pandemic-friendly start.

7. Healthy ready-to-cook meals
One of the most noticeable changes post-pandemic has been the increasing interest in healthy habits, including nurturing diets. For this reason, a good business idea can provide customers with a variety of almost ready-to-cook and consume healthy meals, ones that can be delivered to people's houses on a daily basis.

Have you encountered any small businesses that have been able to achieve success since the pandemic started? What other business ideas can be added to this list?