By Rd.com and thehealthy.com via Reader's Digest


1. When Life Gives You Lemons, Do Not Waste Them

FOOD If you need just a squeeze of lemon or a splash of lime to perfect your recipe or drink, don’t slice up the whole fruit and store the unused wedges in the recesses of your fridge only to be found weeks later all shriveled up. Keep the fruit whole and make a small puncture in the skin with a fork or skewer. Then squeeze out what you need without drying out the entire lemon or lime.

2. Lighten a Heavy Plant Pot
GARDENING Heaving a giant planter around can do a number on your back, especially if you routinely move it in and out of the sunlight or rain (and you don’t lift with your legs when you do it). Next time you repot, fill the bottom with a layer of packing peanuts, making sure they’re not the kind that disintegrates in water. Then cover with landscape fabric and lay the potting soil on top for a lighter load.

3. Here Comes the Sun Saver
AUTO Have you no choice but to park in the unforgiving sun, with nary a shady spot nor covered garage to be seen? If so, once in park, turn the steering wheel so the top is upside down and free of the windshield’s direct sunlight. When you head out later and straighten it, you will be able to drive comfortably without oven mitts.

4. Save Hundreds with an Itemized Bill
MONEY Since 80 percent of medical bills have errors, ask for yours to be itemized. “I’ve seen charges for tissues, a toothbrush, housekeeping—all things that should be included in the cost of the room,” says Medical Bill Detectives president Beth Morgan. Once details are requested, billing departments often knock off inflated charges. (One Tylenol can cost $15 at the hospital.)


5. Give Pesky Sand the Brush-Off
CLEANING A day at the shore is lovely, but bringing half the beach back to the house on your legs is not. Pack a jar of cornstarch among the shovels and boogie boards to sprinkle over legs and feet before getting in the car. It soaks up all the moisture that sand clings to (just as baby powder does, but without the scent), making it easy to brush off. (But sand isn’t all bad! See “Nitty-Gritty Details on Sand” to read about its finer points.)