3 Reasons Why I’m Thankful

By Dave Bishop, Publisher | 3RY Magazine


Life itself is a gift. Yet some so many people don’t see it as one. If everyone on the surface of the earth appreciated life for what life is, its essence and its beauty, there would be more peace and less violence. There would be fewer stories of extrajudicial killings, suicide bombing, and various deliberate onslaught, and terrorism around the world.

If people who perpetrate these cruelties sit and think on the manifestation in which a baby is formed and born after nine months, then we will appreciate more how precious life is.

On that note, I would like to share with you three reasons why I am thankful on this article which I already highlighted one above - LIFE. Life is one of them. I would reiterate that life is precious, and I am most delightful and indeed thankful for my life. It is a beautiful one, and for the fact that I wake up every day and feel the sunrise on my face, it is a gift and a blessing.

There are roughly 150,000 people who die each day across the globe, and over a million people dead already from coronavirus in 2020, I have never been grateful for my life than I am today.

Life is good, and you should live it up and do what you love and passionate about. This is very important.


“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parents of all others”.- Marcus Tullius Cicero

Secondly, I am THANKFUL for my family. You know what they say. Family is everything and family is all you have. But listen, it is not just about what they say but about what it is. Family is the most beautiful thing, and certainly one of the oldest things there is. My family has been with me through thick and thin. When I had nothing and no friends to support me, my family was always there to give me hugs, kisses and help me at their capacity. The family will never judge you; they understand your unspoken words and intentions. I am eternally grateful for my family. For their love, trust and Genuity. Their smile is all I need to get elevated from a bad mood.

I have a fantastic family, and that alone makes my life beautiful, and I am thankful for this.


In time of test, family is best - Burmese proverb.

Last, I am undoubtedly THANKFUL for my gifts and natural talents - Some people usually like to assert the cliche. Talent is not enough, which more or less is true.


I have worked hard to achieve everything I have ever achieved, but my talent has played a vital role in all of it. I was only able to begin my life journey because of the confidence I had in my abilities.

Having natural talents have enabled me to confidently do what I do with the conviction that I will pass.


However, there are so many things to be Thankful for. Just look around, and you will see a reason to express gratitude. Have a Beautiful and Thankful Holiday!


Dave Bishop


Founder/Publisher 3RY MAGAZINE